1. anthony2558's Avatar
    I can't seem to figure out why my WiFi keeps turning on and off all by it self. Connects for like a 30 secs and then reconnects, then disconnects and reconnects. I've done a search but can't find an answer. Thanks.

    Things I've done:

    Avoid poor connections is off.

    Reset router.

    Reset phone.

    Disconnected and reconnect to router.

    Router firmware up to date.

    At a loss?

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    03-04-2014 08:00 AM
  2. uh60james's Avatar
    Is the Wi-Fi signal weak? There is an option to avoid weak connections you may have checked in the settings. It may be at that fringe point of switching back and forth.
    03-04-2014 08:04 AM
  3. anthony2558's Avatar
    Avoid poor connection is off. I'm only like 5 feet from my router.

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    03-04-2014 10:28 AM
  4. kd0h's Avatar
    Avoid poor connection is off. I'm only like 5 feet from my router.

    Sent from my Nexus 5
    Throw out the window? Did you go all Office Space on either of them? Usually works for me!

    On a serious note, how old is the router? I had an old router that never agreed with my Nexus 5 and when we upgraded the router, never had an issue since.
    03-04-2014 11:19 AM
  5. anthony2558's Avatar
    Haha. Nah, its a new router. This just started today?

    Sent from my Nexus 5
    03-04-2014 11:26 AM
  6. kd0h's Avatar
    Does it connect to other WiFi networks fine or is having the problem with any WiFi?

    If it is just yours maybe try switching the channel on the router to broadcast on channel 11. That is "usually" the one with the least interference. If it is all WiFi it may be a bad WiFi chip/module and I would contact Google and get a new phone sent out.
    03-04-2014 11:38 AM
  7. anthony2558's Avatar
    Bad WiFi in the router. Wired networks were working. Wireless went bad. Router replaced and all back to normal.

    Sent from my Nexus 5
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    03-07-2014 12:19 PM

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