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    I've had this issue on my N5 and now on my GPE M8. I like using Hangouts for Hangouts and 8Sms for texts. I've noticed that when I get MMS from someone with an iPhone the message doesn't come through and I get a notification that says "Hidden Sender Address" and then you can't read the MMS.

    I've tried a few other messaging apps and the only one that shows the message is Textra. I don't like the look of Textra and don't really want to use it. If it had the KitKat look and feel I'd use it, but I think it's ugly.

    Does anyone have this issue or know how to fix it? I'm on AT&T, for what it's worth. And I only notice this coming from people on iPhones. Other Android phones don't seem to cause this issue.
    04-13-2014 08:06 PM

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