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    So after the Hangouts update that app seems sluggish for me on my N5 although I've read some others here that state it's smoother for them.

    - When I use AirDroid it says I have 55,000 messages. Could this be making it sluggish? (It was fine before the update.)
    - Sometimes a contact's avatar isn't shown in the Notifications or even the list of Hangouts (just the generic image), but if I go into the specific Hangout it appears.
    - My outgoing words aren't in green highlight. Does the green only appear for non-SMS Hangouts? Currently I only use the SMS portion of Hangouts.
    - When I go to Take Video I have to hit the record button twice now before it starts recording. Is this normal?

    The sluggishness is mainly when I open a Hangout from the list of people/hangouts. There's sometimes a pause with the circle loading image for a second. The lag is annoying when I'm jumping around Hangouts.

    (Having Location added as the last attachment menu item is really throwing me off.)
    04-26-2014 03:47 AM

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