1. KazKamasa's Avatar

    I have the Nexus 5 on for 1 day and 6 hours and then I shut it down when it only had about 10% left of the battery(I had it on airplane mode). The next day it didn't start at all. After 5 hours I was able to to charge the phone. But then the LED light only flash red and the screen is black. I charge it over the night and still the light is flashing red and the phone will not start(charge the Nexus for about 8 hours at the night).

    I did not get any water damage on it, and I hold in the power button for about 10-30 seconds. I tried with holding down the power button and +/- and still it's dead.

    Have any one had the same problem or just now how to solve the problem ?

    Best regards KazKamasa
    05-04-2014 12:09 AM
  2. Shilohcane's Avatar
    It sounds like you got a bad Nexus 5 and you should contact who you got it from and if that is Google then this is their customer service page
    05-04-2014 12:32 AM

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