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    i have been using my nexus 5 since it was launched and was working perfectly even rooted. i was running cyanogenmod nightlies for a long time and didnt shut down even once. then i switched to carbon and then finally c-rom, c-rom started to give me problems so i switched to carbon but after a factory reset because of problems due to c-rom, i also tried cm once again after carbon right now and none were wokring properly. so i decided to unroot my phone but let the bootloader stay unlocked. but still my phone would shut down and wouldnt turn on without plugging it in. sometimes it will shutdown after turning it back on if i unplug it. any solutions. i have downloaded fresh stock rom zips and flashed them back on using wugfresh tool kit and now i also locked my bootloader back just incase. but the problem stays. i have also tried safe mode and factory reset aswell but nothing works. i then contacted google, they told me to get a replacement but for that ill have to send my phone to states as im in india. so replacement is not really an option for me. please somebody help. thanks in advance.
    05-11-2014 12:54 PM

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