1. ethangibson's Avatar

    I've just upgraded from the Nexus 4, on which I had to replace the power button sensor 3 times over the course of having for a year and a half ( I'm a bit of a power user!). Now I have the Nexus 5 I'm concerned that I'll have similar issues with the power button; although I understand that the button press sensor is soldered to the mother board and would require me to actually send it away to get repaired.

    Has anyone else has issues with the power button breaking or ceasing to function, or am I just worrying a little too much?
    06-26-2014 06:22 PM
  2. crxssi's Avatar
    I have yet to see a SINGLE post about a failed power button on an N5. But could it be you are extra-super-duper-mean to power buttons, maybe?
    06-26-2014 06:24 PM

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