1. mclasser's Avatar
    I lose about 1% every hour or two. This is with location services off and full WiFi & cell signal strength.

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    07-01-2014 03:32 PM
  2. LeoRex's Avatar
    That sounds about right.... GLS is probably the biggest wakelock hog... if he's put to rest, you'll probably see 0.8/0.9 an hour.
    07-01-2014 03:44 PM
  3. JeffDenver's Avatar
    How much battery does your N5 use in standby?
    Virtually zero. With the screen off I lose almost no battery. and I have everything turned on all the time except bluetooth (GPS, LTE, ect)

    If you are losing battery I'd look at your apps. Something is active in the background.
    07-01-2014 05:43 PM
  4. mclasser's Avatar
    ^Something is active alright- Play Services.

    Sent from my Note 10.1 via Android Central App
    07-01-2014 07:17 PM

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