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    Anyone else experiencing a weird glitch with the Android L keyboard where it'll double, sometimes triple, repeat a word when swiping even though you're not swiping anything close to that word?

    I did the best to quickly capture a screen shot of the issue when it was happening. Some sample pics attached. As you can see, especially in the first one, I'm not swiping anywhere near the letters/word "we" yet it's coming out again because it was the previous word. And in the second picture, an example of it repeating three times, whereby the second time it repeated "then" I didn't even notice. When it started to repeat the word "then" a third time, that's when I took notice. In that one, I'm not swiping near those letters either.

    This happens randomly, not every time. It repeats words that you just swiped even though you're already onto the next word and swiping other letters.

    Anyone else? Any clue what's happening? Have further Android L keyboard iterations fixed this yet?

    Android L Keyboard Glitch - Repeated Words When Swiping?-dpjzl6p.png

    Android L Keyboard Glitch - Repeated Words When Swiping?-dbazfbv.png
    10-12-2014 10:16 PM

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