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    Seen a few negative comments on here regarding the update to lollipop and peoples feelings on it but for me its been nothing but positive.

    I've been using a one m8 since the summer and my nexus 5 was just tucked away in a cupboard. Decided to get it going again for the update and found myself really liking it. So much so that I put my sim in and a week later I'm still using it. Keep picking up my one m8 thinking I'll go back to it but there is something about this nexus 5 that is keeping me.

    I really like lollipop. Its smooth, its fast and its fun. I like the material design makeover. More so I'm also enjoying the feel of the nexus 5 again and not really missing the premium design of the m8.

    I'm still disappointed with the camera and the battery life but for the time being I might stick with it.

    Anyone else finding lollypop has brought a new lease of life to a tired phone?

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    11-22-2014 10:59 AM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    Hello aldo. I remember you from the G3 forum, when that phone was new.☺

    Yes....I've set aside my G3 as my daily driver and have loaded a month's unlimited data into my N5. The display, the smoothness, the responsiveness, and for me the camera....pretty much everything about the device is pleasing. It remains a top quality device, and Lollipop has added class. It's also brought bugs which I have every confidence will be fixed.

    Incidentally, when you put your N5 away, did you keep charging it from time to time to keep the battery viable....or just allow it to drain fully?

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    11-22-2014 12:04 PM
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    I just left it alone so the battery drained and then stayed flat. Not the best approach but then I didn't really expect to start using it again so wasn't too concerned!

    Not sure whether to sell the m8 now ...

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    11-22-2014 12:25 PM
  4. vividrich's Avatar
    I'm liking lollipop. If Trusted Places works I'll like it even more. But it's a win for me to this point.

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    11-22-2014 12:47 PM
  5. mhettrich's Avatar
    I've also set aside my current phone (Note 4) for the Nexus 5. Like the OP mentioned, battery life isn't the greatest, but I am really enjoying the experience of Lollipop and stock Android. I'm also very happy to have wireless charging back, as I didn't have a Qi cover for my Note 4. We'll see how long I stick with it.
    11-22-2014 03:56 PM
  6. aldo82's Avatar
    Back to work today and using my phone much more has reminded me just how poor the nexus 5 battery life is. Less than half the screen on time of my one m8 so whilst lollipop is great, looks like I'll go back to the m8 and wait for HTC to work their magic!

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    11-24-2014 10:38 AM

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