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    I have a Nexus 5 running Android Lollipop and unrooted. Today I went on the internet and got a rude surprise when I found out I had an adware called CloudScout. I unistalled the app that I thought was responsible but it was still there. I then installed 2 different Malware Scanning Apps both of them didn't pick up anything so please help.
    P.S I am only aware of this happening on Chrome browser for Chrome
    04-13-2015 08:22 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! How do you know you have the adware? Was there a popup that warned you that it was present? If so, that's probably a bogus ad that's trying to lure you into installing a security app (that is probably a malicious app itself).
    04-13-2015 11:51 AM
  3. ecolyx's Avatar
    I have this issue too.

    It is apparent when going to a page on Chrome, ie www dot gumtree dot com dot au (a well known free classified site), when html5 popups start appearing and gradually bring the browser to a slow death. There is a banner on the ads saying "ads by cloudscout" and icons to click for settings.

    The settings take you to a page called "removemyapp dot info" with my MAC address appearing in the URL as a parameter, and another linking www dot cloudguard dot me. This shows various opt out options (suspend for an hour/day/week/forever), but clicking and saving does not get rid of the ads. It probably just confirms a successful hijack to the cloudscout distributors.

    The cloudguard website linked admits to installing cloudscout, calling it a parental control, but it isn't, its an ad hijacker, which is apparently able to change dns settings in some instances.

    They have a contact us form, I have sent a cease and desist notice and asked for instructions on how to remove all of their "products" from my devices. I have had no reply.

    This is very clearly malware, and despite being a software engineer have had extreme difficulty getting rid of it, so far failing. If I succeed or can provide further information I will update this page.

    Suggesting this is a bogus ad soliciting installation is very assumptive, and totally incorrect.

    I would welcome any good advice on how to remove. Feel free to ask question if it helps with diagnosis.

    08-22-2015 10:51 PM

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