1. Sheena Roy's Avatar
    I have a Google Nexus 5 (over a yr old and out of warranty).

    I was/am facing the dreaded boot loop issue and decided to reset my phone. Now, neither has the original problem stopped and im facing a bigger issue.

    The phone now tells me that I have insufficient space for any apps. I don't have a single app downloaded on my phone and am also unable to update the software. The software requires 24MB to update & in my storage, it shows that i have over 400MB of available space.

    Not only that, my phone's total space is 12.5GB and the break up in storage is such:
    available = 468MB,
    Apps= 298MB,
    Downloads = 8KB,
    Cached data=698KB.

    I have cleared the cache of all the in built apps as well.
    Please help - i run my entire business through my phone & now it's a piece of junk! How do I fix this problem?

    P.S. I am unable to install ANY apps
    07-29-2015 04:02 PM
  2. WP7Nettwerk's Avatar
    Do you have custom firmware, rooted? Something wrong with partitions.

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    07-29-2015 04:22 PM
  3. WP7Nettwerk's Avatar
    Maybe something wrong (physical memory card issue - not sure).

    Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
    07-29-2015 04:23 PM
  4. kilskev's Avatar
    What software are you running? This could be the memory leak problem

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    07-30-2015 07:25 AM
  5. alvintimothyjr's Avatar
    I'd suggest a factory reset.

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    kilskev likes this.
    07-30-2015 11:15 PM
  6. srkmagnus's Avatar
    I agree with the post above...perform a factory reset and let us know if that helps.
    07-31-2015 11:53 PM

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