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    I have a refurbished, unlocked Nexus 5 phone that I purchased in last June from FreedomPop (a Sprint MVNO) for use during my vacation in the US. In July I cancelled my subscription with FreedomPop, removed the Sprint SIM card and everything related to FredomPop in my phone and continued using the phone with my local network operator in Turkey without a problem until I saw the "Android 5.1.1 system update" when I checked my phone two weeks ago to see if there was any system update, i.e., for Stagefright. (I did not get a notification for this update, however.) I tried a number of times to download and install this update but in all cases I got the message "....verification failed..." The size of the update is 24.1 MB. What could be the reason for this failure? Did I get the update from Sprint or Google? I presume it came from Sprint as the Google's update for Stagefright is 10.1 MB. Is there a possibility that it may have come from Google but it has not been scheduled for download yet due to Google's phased installation procedure? Finally, what am I supposed to do now? Thank you for your help.
    08-23-2015 12:34 PM

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