1. michty_me's Avatar
    Hi all.
    I seem to have had an ongoing issue with my N5 for a while now.

    It started when the phone stopped charging or would but very very slowly. Such as only up to 40% overnight. I replaced the battery and all seemed good for a few months. The issue returned so tried different cables and chargers which seemed to sort the problem again.
    The issue since returned yet again and it would allow me to charge if I unplugged and plugged the charger multiple times so I replaced the usb port pcb in the phone. This still did not fix the issue. Now it appears that when I plug it in to charge, it shows charging for about 5 seconds and stops.

    So far ive replaced the charging dock pcb, tried 3 batteries, a handfull of chargers and cables, a factory reset but all seems lost. It always shows charging on AC but nothing is actually charging.

    Im now thinking its the power chip on the motherboard.

    Im going to try my friends genuine nexus 5 charger as I know it can be fussy.

    Any other thoughts?
    09-16-2015 10:27 PM
  2. Teejai80's Avatar
    Oh wow and I thought I had bad luck with my N5! Have you tried it on a Qi charger?
    09-16-2015 11:13 PM
  3. michty_me's Avatar
    No, thats the only thing I havent tried. Ill order one and see if that works. Always handy to have one I guess. I may revert to the standard parts just to ensure my new replacement parts are not faulty.
    When I received the usb pcb, it was fitted and gave no cellular network but allowed charge. They sent another replacement so I guess this may be faulty also?

    Im tempted to buy a N5 with a faulty screen for replacement parts to test.
    09-17-2015 02:17 AM
  4. Teejai80's Avatar
    Yeah could be, tough spot

    Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
    09-17-2015 06:42 AM
  5. michty_me's Avatar
    I found only two places and both want £150 for a motherboard. Thankfully, just managed to bag a 32gb one with button and screen issues on ebay for £60. Ill rob it for parts and see how I get on.
    09-17-2015 08:05 AM
  6. michty_me's Avatar
    One thing I forgot to mention was that the only AC charger that seems to work every time is a charger at work for a Samsung tab S. Even the new Motorola quick charger doesn't work.
    I've reverted back to my original charging dock pcb along with my original battery. I'm currently charging off USB and hit 84%!! I've done a factory image load also. Hopefully this will sort all issues. If not, I have more spares coming.
    09-18-2015 10:39 AM
  7. michty_me's Avatar
    No joy unfortunately. I'll need my donor phone to sort this I think.
    09-19-2015 09:26 AM

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