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    Nexus 5 non-rooted

    In setting/battery there are several apps shown. Are these the apps running in the background and consuming battery? If NOT how could I find out what apps are running in the b/g?

    I stopped some of these apps (not the ones for android services) using "Force stop" but they were still appears here. So how could I stop them to save battery?

    Thank you!!


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    10-07-2015 07:53 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! Go to Settings>Battery to see what percentage of battery a particular app or service has been using. If you need more detail, you can install an app like GSam Battery Monitor.

    Unless an app is misbehaving, force stopping apps won't help you, because the nature of Android is to keep RAM relatively full of open apps. So if you close an app, the system will automatically open that app or some other app to fill the empty RAM. Also, an app that is in the background (i.e., not actively performing a task) is essentially paused, and does not consume battery.

    See this guide for some battery saving tips: http://forums.androidcentral.com/amb...ving-tips.html
    10-07-2015 11:22 PM
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    10-07-2015 11:25 PM

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