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    I came across a very strange problem with my Nexus 5.
    I have two gmail accounts, both of which are defined on my Nexus 5.
    I also have an exchange account (office 365) for my work email.

    Today I had to uninstall and then install the exchange account (reason doesn't matter).

    I found out that as soon as I uninstall the exchange account, all of my gmail contacts disappear.
    All of my contacts are part of my gmail account, and not the exchange account.
    In fact, if I log in to my gmail account from a web browser on the computer, all my contacts appear normally, but they won't show on my Nexus 5!
    As soon as I install the exchange account back on the Nexus 5, the contacts come back to the Nexus as well.
    I've uninstalled and re-installed the exchange account 3 times to make sure, and the same thing happens each and every time.
    It's as if the exchange account stole the contacts from my gmail account, only on the Nexus 5.

    BTW - on the computer, the gmail contacts DO NOT appear in the work account, it's strictly limited to the Nexus 5.

    Can anyone help me with this PLEASE???

    IT at my workplace have been unable to solve this so far...

    02-29-2016 06:38 AM

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