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    Ok, so I'm a Verizon customer and ordered the AT&T N6 before I knew it was SIM locked. I do have AT&T service too, but Verizon is my main. Anyway, I can forward my Verizon calls to the AT&T N6, but what about SMS messages?

    I installed the Verizon Message+ app, but it just wants to use the phone's phone number. When I install Message+ on my tablets, I'm prompted to sign in to my Verizon account. I need the phone to behave the same way so I'm prompted to sign in.

    Or, can I setup Hangouts to receive SMS under my Verizon number, and tell Hangouts on the AT&T phone to look for messages using that Verizon number?
    11-22-2014 01:26 PM

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