1. Vinnie Boom Batz's Avatar
    I haven't seen any discussions of this on the forums. I'm coming to the Nexus 6 from a Note 2. I may be nuts, but I think the Bluetooth audio quality for both voice and music is much, much better on the Nexus 6 than on any previous phone I've used.

    I listen to a lot of Spotify with a set of Jabra Revo Bluetooth over-the-ear headphones and boy can I tell a difference over the Note 2. Bass reproduction is much better and everything sounds much higher fidelity. I'm streaming at the same bit rate that I was with the Note 2.

    Has anyone else noticed this?
    12-12-2014 11:37 AM
  2. Stevieboi's Avatar
    Yep I've definitely noticed a difference. Using my bluetooth Bose Soundlink Color Mini speaker, the Nexus 6 is much louder and clearer than my Samsung Galaxy S4 ever was.

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    12-12-2014 09:24 PM
  3. Fahrenheit's Avatar
    Its awesome...maybe attributable to the higher Bluetooth 4.1 spec?
    12-13-2014 12:20 AM
  4. CHILLYWILL_95831's Avatar
    It's absolutely amazing but this is just another antenna thing which Motorola is considered an indisputable KING! I remember using my Motorola Razer all metal bad *** flip phone with the Motorola flip Bluetooth earpiece. And to be honest, there hasn't been a combination of phone and earpiece that I've used since that were as good. I've used all of the Jawbones and top end Plantronics! However, I switch from the HTC M8 to the Nexus 6 and voila, my Jawbone Era earpiece comes out of the desk drawer. I use it around the house mostly as I hate holding my phone to my ear. No more static, no more dropping in and out of conversation.....I thought it was the jawbone that was crappy but have since realized that it was the HTC M8! The music sounds so much better played through my moto headphones and my HK onyx speaker. The sound is fuller in both instances.. There are quite a few reasons why this phone beats out my M8. I'm very surprised!

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    12-13-2014 07:07 AM
  5. dmlv's Avatar
    i have to agree 100%. i noticed and said the same thing. i use the bluebud x and the combination is the best of any ph i have had and i have had all the high ends..including the iph 6+.
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    12-13-2014 10:17 AM
  6. davey11's Avatar
    12-13-2014 10:29 AM

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