1. Michelle Cunha's Avatar
    shipping for 32gb is 10 day but 64 is saying 8 weeks ......should i just get it ir wait ...would this be a big deal to you ?

    for the nexus 6 phone!!
    12-16-2014 01:39 PM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    I'm more than happy with 32GB but if whomever you're giving this to is prone to having a ton of games with data-heavy extra downloads installed on his/her phone, 32GB will run out eventually.

    In my case, I only have a couple of data-heavy games installed, and whenever I want to play another one, I just uninstall one. For miscellaneous files and media, Cloud services help a lot since the data can be stored elsewhere and not in your phone.
    12-16-2014 01:49 PM
  3. Jeremy8000's Avatar
    shipping for 32gb is 10 day but 64 is saying 8 weeks ......should i just get it ir wait ...would this be a big deal to you ?

    for the nexus 6 phone!!

    Definitely true that if it's for someone who'll be using the device for gaming/media they can run out of room on a 32GB model - but they'll run out on a 64GB model as well. Basically, regardless of which you choose, they'll have to prioritize what they want to keep resident on it, but even the 32GB will store all the 'normal' apps the vast majority of people would want along with a load of music, a few movies, and a few games. Beyond that there's cloud storage or the option of USB OTG if they absolutely need more storage. 32GB provides ample storage for any reasonable needs (16GB would even be manageable, but would limit one to only a couple of movies/games).

    I suspect that a sizable percentage of people who bought the 32GB model (myself included) would gladly have spent the extra $50 on the 64GB model if it were as "readily available" as the 32GB for the convenience of the extra storage, especially since the markup is a relatively low percentage of total cost compared to previous models, but I doubt many are finding themselves frustrated by the 'limitation.'

    If the recipient is a techie and not an i-junkie, they'll likely be falling over themselves in efforts to thank you, regardless of the model - and if you get them the 32GB since you can get it within the 'season' and they show the slightest hint of disappointment that it's not the 64GB model, slap them upside the head and keep it for yourself ;-)

    PS: Can I be one of your techie friends? ;-)
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    12-16-2014 02:02 PM
  4. Bren S.'s Avatar
    I would definitely go for the 64gb. Have you ever heard anyone say "oh no! You got me too much memory"
    More is better especially when you double your memory for only $50.

    Posted via Nexus 6
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    12-27-2014 12:08 AM
  5. fabulas's Avatar
    I waited over a month for the 64gb and have no regrets.
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    12-27-2014 11:41 AM
  6. gmermel's Avatar
    shipping for 32gb is 10 day but 64 is saying 8 weeks ......should i just get it ir wait ...would this be a big deal to you ?
    My wife and I often give a 'gift certificate' (not pre-paid, but in the form of a card with an explanation) when we want to give a gift that is personal and we don't know which way to go (high cost jewelry I want to get her, tech stuff she's shopping). We go shopping together, adding to the gift, and no-one has to be thankful for the gift while possibly less than totally happy with the item.

    Once, a friend who is a jeweler let me "reverse engineer" the process. He let me take home 3-4 sets of earings so she could choose. Turned out, she thought they were all too formal. We got a great pair together, and it saved me a ton of money....
    12-27-2014 03:04 PM

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