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    The following is a quote from the Google Product Forums, in the thread that Benjamin started about the reboot problems so many were experiencing (and, despite his report that they have stopped on his phone, many are continuing to have). Apparently the issue is the bootloader/kernel. One explanation is as follows:

    I've installed a custom kernel (leankernel) and I haven't had a reboot in 2 days. Somebody on XDA said that there is an issue with the stock ondemand governor which could cause the reboot issues that we're seeing. So far, a custom kernel has solved it.

    So, apparently, the opinion at this time is that everyone should simply root their phone and install whatever file it is that fixes this issue, and all will be well. Am I alone in thinking that, instead, if the problem is now known, Google should release another update and just fix it??!! I don't want to root at all, and certainly not a brand new phone. Is it too much to ask that, when an issue is known, it get fixed? Better yet, that if I were to go ahead and purchase a N6 at this time, I would have a reasonable expectation that it worked properly? Yes, I've heard that there will always be some things that need to be reworked or fixed. But something as disruptive as the phone rebooting (often at extremely inconvenient times, i.e., when speaking on the phone with someone) should be a priority to fix, shouldn't it?

    I find it insulting that consumers are told, "Just root it and move on." Another poster there compared it to buying a new car with a defect and then being told to figure out what the problem was and fix it himself. I agree. I have almost bought the N6 a couple times this week, but keep backing off. Do I need to wait until it's been out for 6-12 months to make sure Google has finally cleaned it up so it can be counted on to work?
    12-29-2014 10:34 PM
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    You should just wait to buy and also not expect many people to agree with you. You will lose the argument that google should just fix it.

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    12-29-2014 10:43 PM

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