1. Karicat's Avatar
    Very odd to text this. I'm new here, please pardon my newbieness.
    I was watching lots of YouTube earlier. Had watched some video clips on one of my browsers. When I stopped watching/listening to YouTube on my nexus 6, I thought the video wasn't over. I heard noise coming from the speakers. I checked and killed any apps I could and it still was there. I heard what sounded like a person clapping or smacking something. Breathing. Like 5 minutes. So I think, hmm why not, I'm going to talk into the phone. Lol. So I do. And after about a minute goes by I hear footsteps approaching... Getting louder in my ear... THEN music from a home radio started playing what sounded like Shakira. But idk. Then I turned my phone off and went and got the foil out. Haha. Brt
    Does anybody know what the heck that could have been? I'm sort of amazed. I know I've heard of radio or TV coming through speakers on a radio or TV, but not my phone.
    Any thoughts, funny or serious are welcome.
    Thanks. Karicat
    04-24-2015 01:06 PM
  2. coreyacole's Avatar
    The new youtube defaults to playing sound from videos in the background. My assumption barring a stalker, ghost , or poltergeist, is that once your video stopped, youtube queued up the next video and continued to play it.

    Or you should change your locks. LOL
    04-24-2015 01:49 PM

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