1. AC Question's Avatar
    so I have a nexus 6 I am trying to root and I am using nexus 6 root toolkit I do everything they say to do but when I install the custom rom it says I don't have root access what am I doing wrong. I have tried to root it like 3 times now and it does the same thing.
    05-08-2015 03:30 PM
  2. basicreece's Avatar
    Just flash supersu again after flashing rom... easy
    05-12-2015 07:12 AM
  3. LeoRex's Avatar
    Yep... go grab the latest SuperSU flashable zip and flash it in recovery right after loading your custom ROM (no need to reboot in between). But you can flash the supersu zip at any point.

    Some ROMs are already rooted... but others are not (not sure why they do that, but I guess reasons).

    Another thing to keep in mind is that a lot of custom roms don't include the Google Apps (like Play Services, etc). These are often loaded as a add-on zip, often called a 'gapps package'.

    I would suggest the banks dynamic gapps package (euroskank)

    The order I've always done was 1) ROM, 2) Gapps 3) root zip... if not already included.
    05-12-2015 01:01 PM

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