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    So I got my nexus 6 around Christmas. Started slowly noticing screen burn. Status bar. Home back button area. My phone is in a drawer most day at work. Then used after work moderately.

    Is this covered in a warranty under a year? I messaged moto about this which I brought to attention a few months ago when they couldn't register my device for months an then basically said I was to late to get extended warranty.....even tho I had been trying to purchase since receiving phone.
    06-09-2015 06:05 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Here's the warranty: http://motorola-global-portal.custhe...UST%202011.pdf. The main question is whether or not screen burn-in would be considered "normal wear and tear" or "normal aging," wihich would be excluded. I would argue that screen burn-in is not normal wear and tear under a year, so you should pursue warranty repair with Moto.

    Don't message these people--call and talk to someone directly. Take down their name for future reference, and make sure they create a ticket for your call (so that if you have to call back, anyone can see details for prior discussions).
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    06-10-2015 01:01 PM
  3. I am Fake Jesus's Avatar
    Thanks for the input. I def agree. Yea I have already got run around when i bought the phone from moto. my imei number wouldnt match in their system for me to register which annoyed me so bad. after 3 months they straightened it out but then claimed i could purchase the extended. Website wouldnt allow me to. I called an got run around and just gave up. I figured I wouldnt have the phone a year. They are doing well so far via email. I just submitted photos of burn. If this goes sour I will call. I work for a big company and know the run around well. I record my calls an emails lol. and here is the burn. Its hard to capture, but you can def see it. And when watching videos is soooo annoying. Friend that works for samsung said alot of snapdragon phones run this issue within the year. could be correct. either way.

    Screen burn-fullsizerender.jpgScreen burn-img_0188.jpg
    06-10-2015 07:45 PM

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