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    I was given a nexus 6 by a family member who bought it on Craigslist (it has a bad imei on att).

    I've been using it on t-mobile and now currently, verizon, but I broke the screen to whom I contacted motorola about repairing the screen since I rather go through the proper channel fix my device and not some random store. Motorola said yes they fix the screen for $175 plus tax as warranty is void due to being broken and bought from a un-authorize reseller as well voids it.

    Does motorola not care about imei status? I mentioned to them it was a gift and multiple times asked for their device repair terms and conditions mainly to see if they have any policy towards devices that are blacklisted.

    Motorola replied stating only term and condition is to send to them the broken nexus 6 for repair to which I documented it all as I'm a terms and conditions type of guy.

    I now found out they aren't actually repairing it but actually sending me a replacement unit and placing an additional $500 plus tax hold on my card? This is new to me as I thought it was paying for a repair on my screen/lcd. Mainly due to their centers no longer doing repairs.

    Has anyone ever had this happen? I wanted them to repair it as it has a bad imei and sensitive work files of clients! I also rather not someone one day getting a device that has been repaired and blacklisted although I've been told they don't repair them but recycle and and or wholesale them.

    Thanks for reading and please let's not talk about imei and or imei repair, stick to the proper subject if you have experienced this.
    07-08-2015 10:43 PM
  2. iFebby's Avatar
    I have a friend who works for a Samsung repair center and one for assurance. The friend who worked at the assurance quality center told me they rewrite an imei and motherboard information on devices before resale. My other friend at the Samsung center shined light once too saying they don't physically repair most new phones due the difficulties of fusions screens. The cost of paying someone to actually repair a device is higher than recycling them for new devices coming up or wholesale of parts or devices.

    You'll be okay as you read their terms and conditions. Now days the key to anything legal is the policy and twrms and conditions. Legally you wanted to repair your screen and motorola responded by wanting to send you another unit due to lack of workmanship. you released funds to render service of repair with no intention of fraud. Worse case is they would ask you to send back the new device and send back your broken one. Failure to return it would cost you the security hold they took on your card.
    07-08-2015 10:57 PM

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