1. AC Question's Avatar
    Hi, I'm using Android 5.1.1 on a Nexus 6. My question is sort of two-fold:

    -First, is there a way that I can whitelist some apps where I'm not worried about an intruder accessing them, so that I can use them via "Ok, Google" without having to go through my unlock process (sort of like how you can accept a phone call without unlocking). Examples would be Shazam or Phillips Hue, where I want quick access without hassle.
    -Second, what I REALLY want is the ability to modify my lock screen to have a couple app shortcuts or widgets on it, but I heard that google deprecated this in one of the 4.x releases for some reason. Is there a way to get this functionality back?

    08-28-2015 12:49 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Not with the stock lockscreen, but there are 3rd party lockscreens that will let you add any apps (and I dislike them all, but that's a matter of personal taste).
    08-28-2015 01:57 AM

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