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    I used Nexus Root Toolkit, NRT, yesterday to flash Android 6.0 to my Nexus 6. This is my first experience flashing/rooting a phone.

    It worked well and the phone is running Marshmallow. Thanks to all for their advice in this forum.

    I've read about Relocking the Bootloader so that the phone is secure in a stock config. My goal was to get Marshmallow now, rather than wait for the OTA that hasn't even been published yet for the build I was on, LMY48W.

    I don't know what other features I'd want that are not in stock Android 6.0. Feel free to enlighten me.

    I followed the instructions given on this page to do the flash:


    NRT help needed.  Do I want to relock?-nrt-wug-instructions-android-6.png

    I did follow the instruction "4) Use ROOT Button" when the time came and then followed the prompts from there.

    That process, driven by NRT, installed SuperSU and BusyBox Free on my phone.

    1) I don't really know why I want those 2 apps.
    2) BusyBox Free has an installer that keeps telling me that it "is installed but it does not appear to be the version that you selected to have installed. You may want to try the installation again using a different installation location." I had selected Busybox 1.23.1 installed to /system/xbin. That location was recommended by NRT. I tried the other location /system/bin, but got the same result. Selecting "Custom Path" issues a bunch of warnings from BusyBox that it won't work/is dangerous or something.

    Again, do I want these 2 apps? I understand that they are part of the "root" that was done by the NRT process. And that having the phone rooted is what prevents me from Relocking it.

    I could go either way. Do I want to relock it? or are there features to this rooting that are important? Remember, I'm a flashing/rooting noob.

    10-21-2015 01:28 PM

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