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    i've been researching this issue frantically and am about to bite the bullet and cough up the $150-$200 to get a new screen and hope and pray that it works but before i do i just wanted to reach out to the community and see if anyone has any advice for a last-minute fix...

    - the screen is completely black and non-responsive
    - phone works fine otherwise... phone rings, but can't answer; can't shut off alarms...
    - bluetooth is off
    - i don't have usb debugging on
    - stock android (whatever came with the phone when i bought new in april 2016, i think marshmallow)
    - the pics aren't backed up anywhere
    - "ok google" doesn't work
    - i downloaded the android developer's kit to use ADB to try to connect and perhaps enable USB debugging but was unsuccessful

    i tried everything people are saying on the forums... here are some threads i've referenced...


    this thread suggests i try using a usb-micro-hdmi converter w/a usb mouse to control phone but in order to try this the phone has to support mhl which it doesn't... can anyone validate?
    How-to Recover Photos with a Cracked Android Screen

    thanks all for any responses.
    10-25-2016 10:42 AM
  2. DWooderson's Avatar
    Is the screen cracked? Was it dropped, or did it just stop working suddenly for no reason?

    I'm curious, because if it was the later, I'm wondering if you could use recovery mode, which you might be able to access by using the hardware buttons (not screen buttons) to blindly work through menus and clear the cache partition to see if that clears the cobwebs and fires up the screen again.

    I was also wondering if the digitizer worked, and you're just blind only (so maybe you could make button presses blindly copying off of another phone), but I reread your post, and it seems that it's totally non-responsive, so no digitizer.

    Yes, you are correct that this phone can't send video output via the micro usb port with an MHL adaptor. Some other phones have this feature, but not this model.

    Sorry this happened, I know it's frustrating!
    10-25-2016 01:50 PM
  3. danxp's Avatar
    the screen was dropped and it cracked but it was working perfectly fine but then a week later i dropped it again and that's when the screen went kaput...

    i tried to do recovery mode but was unsuccessful in that i couldn't see what was happening on the screen... made many blind attempts but to no avail...

    looks like i'll have to get a new screen... question is i can't find any seller that seems trustworthy that sells an oem screen/digitizer... there was one on amazon but he's sold out... the others on there are non-oem which i suspect are total crapshoots...

    i may just have to buy a used nexus 6 on ebay and take out the screen from there and put it on my phone...

    thanks for the response.
    10-25-2016 02:16 PM

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