1. Breezeharper's Avatar
    My screen broke and I'd like to buy a repair kit I saw online for $24. However, is this an easy task for someone who has never done this before? And should I buy/trust any kit brand? Thanks.
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    01-04-2017 03:39 PM
  2. IAmSixNine's Avatar
    Easy is a relative term. Is it easy to change a tire on a car? Some people can do it others cant. If you have taken small enectronics apart before it might be easy.
    Also does this kit include screen?
    Last time i checked the screens were $150 and up.
    01-05-2017 11:38 AM
  3. DWooderson's Avatar
    When I broke my screen, the cheapest screen/digitizer I could find was $120, most were north of $150, so I'm skeptical of your $24 screen. Are you sure you're looking at the right thing?

    I sold my broken N6 on eBay for $70, and bought a brand new phone for $199. This was a year ago.

    Also, there is currently an eBay auction for an N6 that had a screen repair job done, and the new screen never adhered. It's coming apart, so read into that what you will.. my takeway is that maybe this is not an easy phone to repair. I do know that you aren't going to find a lot of detailed screen replacement guides online like you would for an iPhone 6 or Galaxy S7.
    01-05-2017 05:07 PM
  4. krishnansasikumar's Avatar
    The current price and age of the phone doesn't make an investment of $150 odd sensible. Even if you sell the phone after that, it won't fetch you the amount you spent on repairing it.

    Maybe it's time to get a new phone like the One plus 3t, if you have the budget for it.
    01-05-2017 09:49 PM

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