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    I use my android device (Nexus 6) for personal and work use.

    Google's Device Policy app enforces my work domain security settings and auto installs and configures Android for Work.

    Device Policy app has recently started crashing continually "Device Policy has stopped", which means I can't access work emails, work calendar etc etc.

    It seemed to coincide with the last security patch which was released by Google.

    I've been in touch with GSuite support and provided a 'bug report' based on their instructions and I've been told;
    1. I've been affected by a known issue
    2. Google are working on the problem but don't have a fix date

    I can't find this issue reported anywhere though, is anyone aware of this as a live issue affecting the Nexus 6/Android 7.0 community?

    04-03-2017 12:44 PM

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