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    I bought my Nexus 6 in December 2014 and it has served me well. Unfortunately over the past 6-12 months I have watched the (old) battery die. First came the random reboots, then the 30% shutdowns, then 50%, then 80%. In the end it was so bad I was charging it fully overnight but by 10am it was dead after minimal use.

    The battery claimed to have 80% charge left but I couldn't use it without topping it up to 100%. I tried everything to rescue my old battery. I installed PureNexus (which is awesome BTW), Installed ElementalX, Used GlassFish 1.2 Governor, Installed Greenify. All of this helped my battery last a little bit longer but it did not solve the underlying issue of a dying battery.

    At first I was going to bite the bullet and buy a new phone but the only thing on the market that I like is the Pixel XL and we all know how expensive that is! I decided since the battery was dying anyway I had nothing to lose in attempting to replace it. I bought an original Nexus 6 battery (£7.25) from a seller on eBay along with the tools (£4.49) I'd need for the job. I also bought some new adhesive (£2.25) but I didn't need to use it.

    I educated myself by watching some battery replacement videos on YouTube so I had a good understanding of what I'd be doing. I was nervous as hell taking my precious phone to pieces but it was fairly straight forward and easy to do. The only thing that went wrong was detaching the qi wireless charger from the battery. I guess the ribbon was brittle as it just snapped off. Not a problem for me as I have never used wireless charging and don't intend to but if my USB port ever dies I won't be able to charge my phone. I could always replace the qi charger terminal but I think by then I'll be ready for a new phone. I just left the qi charger terminal out of my phone when I put it all back together.

    My phone is now better, yes, BETTER than it was the day I got it thanks to PureNexus, ElementalX, Greenify combo. I easily get 5+ hours SOT and days of power at idle (active drain: 15.74% per hour / idle drain: 1.86% per hour). So, if your battery is giving up on you and you're contemplating buying a new phone, ask yourself, 'what have I got to lose by attempting to replace the battery?'. If it dies, it dies. But then again, it's almost dead anyway.

    Adhesive: OEM Motorola Nexus 6 Replacement Battery Cover Rear Panel Adhesive | eBay
    Battery: Genuine Original Motorola Nexus 6 XT1100 Battery EZ30 | eBay
    Tools: New 12 in 1 Screwdriver Repair Tool Set T3, T4, T5, T6, T7, T8H, T10H , PH00 UK | eBay
    04-20-2017 12:43 PM
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    Very cool. I had been considering doing the same, but if the wireless charging contact is that easy to break, I don't think I can risk it since my USB port is already bust :-/
    04-24-2017 01:17 PM

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