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    Hi there, I just purchased new a Nexus 6, love the phone, seems that all new phones all looking like a Samsung or iPhone which is not good.

    The phone just purchased is new out of the box from eBay and shipped over from Hong Kong.

    When the phone is idle I get a good day out of it buy when in use I can see the banner count dropping very quickly, if I had to use it for an hour on the phone I would guess that the banner would drain to 0. If I play around with the phone I would assume that it wont last more than 2 hours at the most.

    Is this a common issue with the phone or should I assume that the phone has been sitting in a warehouse for the past 4 years with no use causing an issue with the banner to deplete so quickly.

    I was also wondering if it is was worth replacing the battery or is it an issue with the phone?

    A few days ago I noticed the phone shutting down when at 15%, since then I re-booted the phone in safe mode, worked with it for a few hours, then back to normal mode and it seems that it now drains to 0.

    Any help appreciated.
    03-28-2018 12:05 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! The Nexus 6 is a 3.5 year old phone, so it seems highly unlikely that this is truly a brand new mint-condition phone. Is that what the seller claimed? If so, I'd question how honest they're being. Shutting off at around 15% suggests an older battery that has degraded considerably with use. If you want to keep the phone, you could look into replacing the battery. But if the seller claimed it was brand new, you could contact them and request a replacement or refund, letting them know that there is strong evidence the phone is used or refurbished. If they refuse, file a complaint with eBay -- they're good about protecting the buyer.
    03-28-2018 10:54 AM

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