04-20-2016 07:34 AM
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  1. disaster999's Avatar
    Sorry to dig up an old thread, but I recently noticed some weird charging patterns on my HTC one with 3rd party cables.

    I bought a charge doctor which monitor amps and voltage from a USB port and noticed that some 3rd party cheapo usb wire only charge to a max of .3amps. I shorted out the D+ and D- in the usb cable and that didnt have any effect on the charge rate. Even the stock charger on my HTC one with the stock cable, and an usb extention is only charing at max .2amps

    Curious, I took the usb extention off and plug the stock htc cable into the charger, the charge rate went up. i plugged an usb cable from my logitech mouse and used that to charge my phone, bam, 0.7amps....

    conclusion. All usb cables are not created equal.
    06-05-2014 10:55 PM
  2. Mark Coffman1's Avatar
    This is my second ASUS AT100T Transformer laptop.
    Problem of slow charging with standard replacement
    USB to micro USB power cable.

    I use my laptop *every* day and I found the ASUS supplied
    OEM 1' Micro USB power cable connecter started going out
    rapidly after six month of careful useage. I also noticed
    that the OEM power supply was not always able to charge
    the computer when the laptop was in use. After I put the
    replacement cables on order my OEM power supply died

    I found the following works really well with my AT1000T;

    (1) Mail ordered from Amazon;
    Easy Access Micro USB 2.0 Cable 5 Pack Charging Cables
    Shorted Data Pins - has no data transfer capabilities.

    (2) Purchased at CVS Pharmacy Store;
    Power XCEL Dual USB 2.1Amp Rapid Charger with dual
    outputs and blue indicator led. Use with a standard
    lamp type extension cord set.

    Now my computer stays at 99% charge when the charger
    is plugged in and the laptop is in use. It also charges
    surprisingly rapidly when the laptop is not in use.


    Also a standard Samsung cell phone .7A charger that has
    a hard wired micro usb connector will work much like the
    original ASUS OEM charger, which can be used in a pinch.
    04-20-2016 07:34 AM
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