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    I had been using a smaller lunch bag just for camera and DS. Now I got a thicker camera, a N7 and accessories. I pulled this Arctic Zone lunch bag out of our cabinet of bags and coolers.

    Fits everything. And I have taken it through TSA xray twice, and as my carry on, but just the N7, charger, ethernet adapter and cable though. Used the N7 charger for my cell phone as well to reduce items on short trip.

    My N7 accessory / gear bag-imag1910-small-.jpgMy N7 accessory / gear bag-imag1913-small-.jpgMy N7 accessory / gear bag-imag1917-small-.jpgMy N7 accessory / gear bag-imag1918-small-.jpg

    Nexus 7 16gb
    N7 Charger + Cable
    USB OTG adapter
    USB to Ethernet + Cat6 cable
    USB Hub (this seems pointless since I'm not carrying a mouse and keyboard. but keep it all together.)
    SDHC to USB adapter
    Canon powershot
    Canon charger + cable (i wish it was like my old canon charger that had flip out prongs)
    3DS, some games, and charger.
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    01-31-2013 10:19 PM
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    Pretty good there
    02-06-2013 11:05 AM
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    Been searching for a padded case for my N7, charger, Jawbone speaker and charger, OTG cable and memory cards, and various other leads, plus a little Nikon compact, and a charger for my DSLR (the camera itself already has its own case).

    ASUS don't do anything for the N7. The nearest is their O2xygen Carry Case, designed for a 10" netbook or tablet, but silly money at 29.99, about 45US, plus shipping.

    Found it on Amazon at about 16/25 with free delivery, although it's since increased:


    It's a bit overkill for a 7" tablet, but everything fits in fine without pushing up against the Nexus' screen, which was my objective. Means for holidays, trips away etc, I can have everything in it and good to go, and still OK if I go for the N10
    02-06-2013 02:45 PM
  4. dralezero's Avatar
    Had my carry case in my truck inside a milk crate. I do a lot and its no problem. But recently the crate was on top of my tire iron. The crate flipped over and the weight of my tool box (car tools) and crate crushed into my case. Big triangle shape from the corner of crate. Nexus 7 unharmed. Phew! I also, half alseep flipped my N7 out of bed swinging my arm. No cracks yet lol.
    04-21-2013 01:01 AM

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