1. anemailname's Avatar
    This was a Kickstarter funded project. They are now selling pre-orders at $12.00 per reader at meenova.com
    I hated the OGT cable idea, I wanted something small and quick to access, so I saw this on one of the Android sites and decided to back the project.
    It was delivered yesterday and I will say, I LOVE it! You can stream movies and access everything on your micro sd card quickly and easily even without root.
    By downloading the Nexus Media Importer app, it automatically opens the sd card as soon as you plug in.
    I really like this reader, it is small, and I can clip it on my keychain and take it with me.
    It also works with many other andrioid devices! There is a list on the web site above.
    here is how it was delivered:
    Meenova Micro SD card reader-gedc0136.jpg
    and inside, the Micro SD reader with cap, a key clip and a usb jumper for pluging into the computer
    Meenova Micro SD card reader-gedc0137.jpg
    and plugged in, it is very small.
    Just another option for people who like to have movies with them and pretty much any other file types!
    Now if anyone knows of a better way to access it than using the media importer app, I'm looking for something just a little better. That app is pretty basic.
    Meenova Micro SD card reader-gedc0141.jpg
    09-12-2013 01:09 PM
  2. Ray Cornwall's Avatar
    Maybe StickMount? (assuming your device is rooted). That works really well, and has a bit more functionality.
    09-12-2013 01:51 PM
  3. anemailname's Avatar
    Thanks, but it might not rooted. I really didn't see he need before, but I may just go ahead to get better functionality.
    09-15-2013 09:41 PM

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