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    I have created an app that will help share apps across users on google's new 4.2 multi user feature.

    Thanks to mentose457 and unwired for giving me the idea.
    see this thread (Share downloaded apps with second profile 4.2 - xda-developers)

    It works by removing package elements from user's package-restriction.xml file to add the app and adding the package element back to remove the app. (located at \data\system\users\10\package-restrictions.xml where 10 is the user's id)

    This is quickly thrown together and will likely have a ton of bugs, but I wanted to go ahead and get it out there for testing.

    - This is BETA
    -You must have ROOT
    - This changes system data on non documented files it could screw something up.
    - I'm not responsible for any problems this causes or lost data or bricked or broken devices
    - please use cation

    - it is currently built to run on main user to enable or disable apps on secondary users (once root is fully working on secondary users I will see about making it run correctly on secondary user's account)
    - not tested thoroughly with paid apps*
    - does not currently support system apps**
    - due to the way I pull the app list from the package manager some installed apps may not show as available to add/remove
    - apps installed first on a secondary user's profile will probably not show in the list to add/remove

    *paid apps seemed to work but I did not have internet access during testing. My theory is that any paid apps that use Google's license verification will not work or not work for long. So adding your Google Account to the secondary user's play store is probably still the best way to share paid apps.

    **The entries in the xml for system apps is different. Therefore I will have to research them more before getting it to work or deciding not to mess with those apps. Currently some will show not installed on other users even though they are and removing/adding them will not work correctly.

    ------> DOWNLOAD HERE https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...p_announcement

    I'd love to get feedback to what is working and what is not. Also if anybody figures out anything more about the package-restriction.xml file I'd love to hear it. Especially when it comes to system apps.
    12-06-2012 02:36 PM

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