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    Dual-boot the Nexus 7 with Android and Ubuntu

    From Android Magazine Issue 23 UK Page 52 53


    "run a full desktop OS on a tablet, combining the best of both worlds. And now that is possible. Using the MultiROM solution, from developer Vojtěch Boček, you can install an Ubuntu ROM on a Nexus 7 and run it
    alongside the standard Android installation."

    Time taken: 45 minutes What you need:
    Nexus 7 Android SDK from Android SDK | Android Developers
    Patched kernel from [MOD][09 APR] MultiROM v10 (updated to TWRP 2.5) - xda-developers
    MultiROM zip from [MOD][09 APR] MultiROM v10 (updated to TWRP 2.5) - xda-developers
    Modified TWRP recovery from [MOD][09 APR] MultiROM v10 (updated to TWRP 2.5) - xda-developers
    Ubuntu ROM from Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) Daily Build
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    04-14-2013 12:32 AM
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    The epicness. Anyone try this out yet?

    ** these are just words **
    04-16-2013 03:07 PM
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    Did this on my tablet last month. All it took was a 3.5 gb .img file download and the apps Complete Linux Installer and Android VNC. I ******* love it.

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    05-05-2013 11:38 PM

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