1. crank_girl's Avatar
    Hi, having a few probs after installing 4.3 update on my nexus 7. It was really laggy and horrible so I decided to revert back to CM. Of course, I had to re-root and reflash TWRP. I can get into TWRP fine but when I try to restore it either fails or just hangs. Any suggestions as to what I can do to fix it? You can probably tell from this post I don't have much android knowledge, I'm just very good at hunting out and following instructions.

    I'm not averse to reflashing a rom and starting over though I'd prefer to restore if possible.

    10-07-2013 07:05 AM
  2. Haalcyon's Avatar
    Welcome to posting in the forums!

    You may want to also post this in the Rooting, ROMs, and Hacks section.

    10-07-2013 08:08 AM
  3. Paul627g's Avatar
    I'm going to guess your running into the file structure problem. When switching from Android 4.1.x to 4.2.x there was a known " file structure " change in Android. This making "downgrading" back near impossible using your Nandroid backups because it won't redo the file structure and partitions. I believe this has also changed again with 4.3, some slight changes that are affecting downgrading.
    10-07-2013 09:19 AM
  4. crank_girl's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply. I deduced as much after finding nothing much on the net about this problem. So I restored the factory image and started over.
    10-07-2013 04:58 PM

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