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    Flash TWRP Recovery as directed on the official page, boot into it, and tap on the "Reboot" menu. From there, hit "System". It will then prompt you with something like this:

    "Your device does not appear to be rooted. Install SuperSU now? This will root your device."

    Swipe to install and let it reboot. Now, you should see "SuperSU Installer" in your notification bar. Hit that, and you will see two options for installing SuperSU.

    "Play" and "TWRP"

    Choose TWRP, and it will download the SuperSU installer. After that is done, another prompt will come up.

    "Download complete. We will now attempt to reboot into TWRP and install SuperSU. If this app just closes, try rebooting into TWRP manually." Go ahead and hit Continue. It will then reboot into TWRP and begin installing SuperSU. Once that is done it will make a final reboot. Your device is now rooted.
    10-28-2013 05:37 AM

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