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    Hello I am trying to fix a friend nexus 7 first gen

    the problem is that it keeps flashing the white google logo like its boot looping , the system doesn't even seem to be restarting just a flash on flash off google logo inifnite , no nexus logo or anything else at all.

    I cannot get into recovery it will just shutoff everytime i try even from the bootloader menu

    tablet doesn't have debugging mode on so only thing I can do is work via fastboot

    already tried to flash like 5 different versions of android and everytime it finish (succesfully) and goes to restart it just keep doing the same on the google screen.

    any help is greatly appriciated, and I have been searching all around the internet for hours now and have seen many solutions to bootlooping which I have pratice before on many of my other android devices but nothing like this problem.

    thank you and pardon my english.
    03-24-2014 02:01 AM

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