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    Ok here is the case, a good friend of my son (8 yrs old) lives (I suspect) in a very bad environment. Due to that I try to have his friend over as often as possible so he can at least act like a kid and play. But dropping the kid off back at his house is heart breaking you can see his whole demeanor sink.

    When he is with my son they act as normal kids, playing Minecraft on their tablets used to be their favorite things to do, it truly was adorable. A week or so ago, my sons friend tablet broke. The most troubling thing about that is that I think it was his only escape at home.

    Well, I have an old Nexus 7. Problem is I think I really effed it up because I can't even get it to boot up. I think I must have deleted or screwed up the bootlader. I got it cheap and was trying to learn hacking etc.

    I would LOVE to fix it (if possible) and give it to my sons friend, but obviously I do not possess the know how to fix it (if possible).

    So I have a few questions (a) Does anyone know how I can fix it? (b) Does anyone know how to do it (I cant pay a lot but I'll try give fix it pay whats fair? (c) Does someone have a cheap working tablet that could run Minecraft for trade or sale?

    Please in all honesty this is a really good kid, he is my sons best friend and being a parent I just know his home life is not great and since his tablet broke I know it has gotten worse.

    Thank you all so much in advance
    05-02-2014 12:02 PM
  2. riggerman's Avatar
    Is this the original 2012 version or the second gen(2013)? Either way, if you'll give me a little info, I may be able to help you reflash the stock OS.
    06-04-2014 11:21 PM

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