1. AllTheseBadgers's Avatar
    Hello everybody, this is my first post so hopefully I'm not doing anything wrong!

    I know that you can use various PC programs to record things from your tablet (gameplay etc.). I was wondering if anyone had heard of a way to do that the other way round?

    To be clear: I want to use the processing power of my nexus 7 to take some of the strain off of my laptop when I record gameplay footage.

    Posted this in the rooting section because I'm guessing I'd have to root my nexus 7.

    05-28-2014 09:40 AM
  2. zedorda's Avatar
    The Nexus 7 can't handle a video input there is no API for that function.
    05-29-2014 01:26 AM
  3. AllTheseBadgers's Avatar
    Ah okay, thanks for the quick reply!


    Posted via Android Central App
    05-29-2014 04:36 AM

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