1. ocostich's Avatar
    This used to work. I plug the USB cable into the device and Nexus 7 showed up as a drive. Now it fails. The device driver stops saying "device unplugged". I have tried everything I can find online. Nothing works. No Nexus 7 shows in device manager to try to fix drivers,

    What I can find suggests that the drivers are the same for all the Nexus devices, and my Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 both work fine. I am at a loss of what to try. It's particularly annoying since it used to work and I have changed nothing,
    12-08-2013 07:47 AM
  2. y2whisper's Avatar
    I would try going to the device manager and checking the option to show hidden drivers. Find the nexus references and remove them. then try again.
    12-09-2013 08:09 AM

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