1. AC Question's Avatar
    Hey there - I just updated the OS to 5.0.2 and am unable to log in to the device. After entering my password I get the following error:

    "Decryption unsuccessful

    The password you entered is correct, but unfortunately your data is corrupt.

    To resume your tablet, you need to perform a factory reset. When you set up your tablet after the reset, you'll have an opportunity to restore any data that was backed up to your Google account."

    I have not performed a factory reset yet so technically my data is still on the device.

    Has anybody experienced this or have any ideas how to retrieve my data?

    03-11-2015 01:08 PM
  2. Bigfrog6's Avatar
    So I was sort of able to resolve this issue. I dont know how many times I reboot the device and each time was given the above error. However one of those times took quite a bit longer on the screen with the flying colors. Afterwards it started the application update countdown which I dont recall seeing on the initial OS update. After that it prompted for my password and I logged in and all my data is there. After the update my tablet is super slow, but Im able to backup my data and afterwards im rooting and reinstalling the initial OS it was shipped with because it was a fine piece of hardware then. With each OS update the Nexus got increasingly slower. My initial response to Lollipop is that it reminds me of Win8 in ease of use.
    03-11-2015 01:41 PM

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