1. radscientist's Avatar
    I live in Georgia and received my 16GB Google Nexus 7 last night. Overall, I love it. I did find a few quirks that I'm working on now:

    1. I installed the Skype app and tried a video call. In video mode, it displays my video image on the screen. I'm assuming that's because the other person didn't have video. That's fine except the video image was upside down. I couldn't figure out how to get it to show right-side-up.

    2. I use Vudu on my TV for movies so I installed the Vudu streaming app and tried to watch a trailer. It told me I need an updated version of Flash Player. When I tried to install it, it told me the device wasn't compatible with Flash Player 11. This is not a big deal since it looks like I can just use Google Play for buying movies.

    3. I tried watching Amazon Video on Demand and got the same Flash Player error with no way to upgrade flash to watch Amazon movies. This is a big deal for me since I'm an Amazon Prime member. Any ideas?

    4. I can't get the chrome browser to go landscape. I really prefer landscape for surfing the web so I'm hoping I just haven't found the right setting.

    5. Several of my Wordpress blogs use a plugin for mobile browsing. (see notpetroleum and mapawatt for examples) The GN7's resolution causes the blogs to go to mobile mode. I guess I need to tweak this setting on the blogs so 7" tablet users get a better rendering of the page. Maybe I'll switch to a responsive design with columns to accomodate?

    I'll be working on configuring the tablet to my liking and learning the ins and outs of Android on a tablet. Believe it or not this is my first tablet however I've used an Android phone for years on Verizon. I'm hoping this tablet with the addition of a keyboard will take the place of my Macbook Pro for couch surfing and light blogging/tweeting/fb status

    07-18-2012 08:36 AM
  2. qnet's Avatar
    Congrats on your new tablet. I'm not sure but, I remember watching a Youtube review and I think you have to unlock the orientation in the settings. The homescreen doesn't rotate but, I think the browser should. From my understanding, the orientation is locked by default and you can change it in the settings (I don' know why they do that).
    07-18-2012 09:00 AM
  3. fabiosan's Avatar
    Same here. Got mine last night and it's awesome!

    Jellybean does not support flash so you are out of luck with those apps. To unlock the autorotate, swipe down the notifications bar and click the icon to the left of the settings button.
    07-18-2012 09:05 AM