1. apquijano's Avatar
    Today when I turned my Nexus 7 on, I noticed a line going from the top of the screen all the way to the bottom. Did factory resets and what not but it's still there. Is this a hardware defect? I just bought it Tuesday at Staples for my birthday and have only used it about 3-4 hours a day.
    07-20-2012 01:09 AM
  2. zedorda's Avatar
    I would be returning it myself.
    07-20-2012 03:23 AM
  3. ncsustash's Avatar
    Mine that I ordered from google just got one.
    07-21-2012 08:52 AM
  4. ncsustash's Avatar
    Waited on the phone for 20 mins trying to get someone on the line with no luck. Is there a better time of day to call?
    07-23-2012 10:26 AM
  5. lostmarine's Avatar
    Nope every time I call no matter the time or day 30min-1hr wait thanks to the Google play store I may go over my mins for the first time ever on m cell plan.

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    07-23-2012 10:37 AM