1. EWKS's Avatar
    I am finally converting to tablets. My tech guy loves the N7 16GB, but I am wondering if I really need 16GB. I don't think I will be watching movies or playing HD games. I do use apps like SkySafari 2 (about 50MB) that have fairly large databases on my Android phone. So, perhaps 8GB and 5GB of free Cloud are enough? On the other hand, I don't mind waiting if the 16GB is that much better.

    Advice appreciated
    07-28-2012 11:41 AM
  2. mkiker2089's Avatar
    I'd get the 8 gig version. 50 dollars for 8 gigs extra seems too steep. You could use that 50 dollars to buy a usb adapter to hook thumb drives up and have plenty left over.
    07-28-2012 11:44 AM
  3. lens pirate's Avatar
    I agree for ME the 8 gig is the smart by. I loaded all of my apps and a few games. I used just over one gig leaving me about 4 gigs left. I have the Free cloud space from Google Music and cloud drive. I have the free Dropbox cloud space.

    In truth for me 8 gigs for this small device used mostly for E-mail, streaming music, Web browseing, and killing time may be MORE than I need.

    Lastly there seems based on Internet reports and reading to be MORE defective 16 gig units. Why there should be QC issues with 16 and not with 8 gig units is a mystery.
    07-28-2012 12:14 PM
  4. zedorda's Avatar
    I also bought the 8gb and it is enough for most anything just not pack rats.
    07-28-2012 12:26 PM
  5. jd914's Avatar
    As far as storage goes, always buy more than you think you need. 8GB when you look at it really isn't much. If you like movies and music you'll find yourself using up all your storage up before you know it. Plus also keep in mind you're not really getting 8gb because some storage goes to the operating system.
    07-28-2012 12:35 PM
  6. TauntingBull's Avatar
    How well does external storage works with the N7?
    07-28-2012 12:45 PM
  7. cusinndzl's Avatar
    +1 on going with the 8GB version. I have about 2GB of free space on the 8GB model with a ton of big games and apps installed. I have a NAS at home that stores all of my media, I stream the media to the Nexus 7 using File Manager HD.
    07-28-2012 01:11 PM