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    I've posted continuously through other threads bits and pieces about my story, but I wanted to make a full blown front to back thread regarding the issue that I was dealing with. There's a TL : DR synopsis at the bottom for those who don't want to read through the details.

    I first purchased a Nexus 7 at Staples. Due to pretty extreme screen flickering, I returned it. At times it felt like I was continually toggling the brightness setting on the power control widget. It was a C6O. Screen lift was minimal, not creaky whatsoever, but if I had to split hairs I would say I could “feel” a slight bezel depth difference on the left versus right. That said, it was hardly anything to raise a tiffle about, but the screen flickering was bothersome enough that I returned it.

    Next I purchased a Nexus 7 at Wal-Mart. It too had a very subtle amount of screen lift, but it was not creaky or squishy like some other users described. Both tablets (Wal-Mart and Staples) had little enough screen lift that I would bet my car if anybody who didn't read about the screen lift issue would pick up either tablet, they wouldn't have noticed it. It was that minimal on both units. The Wal-Mart unit was also a C6O.

    I was a long time hater of tablets, mostly because of their price vs performance ratio as I always felt they were significantly overpriced. The Nexus 7 changed that, not to mention the 7 inch form factor. Exceptional tablet on all accounts, in my opinion. One day I was about to leave for work. I heard my tablet beep signifying I got an email. I typed out a response on it when I was standing in the kitchen about to leave out the door. Once done, I left the house and walked to my car. As I got in the car I placed the N7 on my passenger seat. I saw what I thought was a hair. A closer look revealed it was not a hair, but indeed two fine cracks originating from the left side of the tablet.

    Let it be known:
    I did not sit on my tablet.
    I did not drop my tablet.
    I did not get hit by a car with my tablet in hand.
    I did not go mountain biking off a cliff with the tablet in my backpack.
    I did not go skiing down a black diamond course with the N7 tracking my speed via GPS only to wreck into a massively epic wipeout and live to tell the story.
    I sent an email, walked 10 steps, and my Nexus 7 screen cracked.

    Of course, I was a bit miffed by this (miffed as in, facing a borderline homicidal rage), so I called ASUS. They of course played the “If your device was handled in an irresponsible or accidental manner, the repair would not be covered under warranty.” Perfectly understandable, because if I did mishandle my device and I did not have an accidental warranty to cover it, that's how things should be. I faced a difficult problem here justifying my story. The screen was cracked. How does a screen magically crack? Beats me. If I were running a company that made tablets and someone came to me complaining their screen magically cracked, I'd be asking some serious questions too. But here's the curve ball... I did not drop mine or handle it irresponsibly, so I'll be damned if I wasn't going to get this unit covered under warranty. The only thing going in my favor with justifying my story was the fact that my Nexus 7 was in perfect shape aside from the screen crack, which would help coincide with the “manufacturer's flaw” story since there was no other physical evidence that I mishandled the tablet.

    With the first call I set up the RMA process and shortly after sent my tablet in. But that wasn't enough for me. I was reading online that more people were being told by ASUS that they would have to pay ~170 dollars in repairs for their tablet. Now, I cannot attest to the condition or exact situation of those users. I wasn't a fly on the wall to witness just how every situation played out. All I could do was justify my case since I was the direct party involved. At any rate, the stories I was hearing (despite not having been a witness to further solidify the cases) only enraged me further. I called ASUS again.

    The second time I called ASUS I realized during the on hold process there was a very ironic message. They indicated “Did you know if you have even one bright pixel on your ASUS laptop, we will replace the entire thing for free?” OH, REALLY? Perfect. I'll keep that in mind when I get on the line with the next rep. The rep finally got on the line and I told him my story. I blatantly asked, “Has ASUS changed their policy in regards to owning up to their design flaws? Or are they still in denial about that?” He indicated the same thing the original rep did, citing that if there is damage on the unit that suggests it was dropped, it won't be serviced under warranty, but if the damage suggests it was from a manufacturer's defect, it'll be covered. Okay, great. Since I cannot argue the physical condition of my tablet that they cannot see since it was on a UPS truck to Texas, I found little justification in arguing further.

    A day passed and I called ASUS again, mostly because their online RMA tracker wasn't working and I wanted a status update. ASUS had not yet looked at my tablet, despite the fact the tracking information said it was delivered the day before. I once again brought up the previous story, but this rep made the mistake of saying “The Nexus 7 is perfect in every way. There are absolutely no design flaws with it.” I couldn't just listen to this, so I lost it and regrettably unloaded on him. I told him I work in IT, I use a lot of different devices from many different vendors. In almost every case, there have always been some degree of lemons, even if the product is otherwise completely successful. Part of my issue with that comment wasn't so much the wording, but the way it was said... it was the “well you seem to be an ***** if you think otherwise” type of demeanor that just set me off. At any rate, that conversation ended without getting any further, aside from the verbal skewing I delivered that I halfway felt bad about later.

    Another day passed and I called ASUS again. This time I spoke to somebody who was down to earth and not an ego driven support zealot. I told him my story, and he said “Dude, if I were you I'd be just as mad and be doing the exact same thing.” He indicated that there's not a lot to go on over the phone because, despite wanting to give me the benefit of the doubt and believe my story to 100% accuracy, he didn't have the device there in front of him to check (although at this point my tablet was in the review process, but no answers were on the table yet). I fully understood this, as it's impossible to believe people over the phone like this. It's sort of like back in the day working retail when you're in high school and someone's debit card gets declined, and they argue with you that they have money in the account and insist you run it again, yet it keeps failing. Yeah okay, because the bank is lying and the stranger before me is telling the truth.

    I fully understood this, and was just thankful I was able to speak to somebody who was down to earth and logical about how they presented themselves, instead of being fake and obnoxious like the last rep was. Since I felt as though I had a decent conversation going, I threw out something else on the table, and blatantly told the rep that I do a lot of side work in the evenings on my computer, and that I can easily multitask my work while being on a headset. I said the reason I'm telling you this is if ASUS refuses to repair my tablet under warranty, I will call ASUS repeatedly for weeks on end until they repair it. I worked hard for the money I earned to purchase the tablet. If ASUS wouldn't own up to my unexplainable screen crack then I would do everything in my power to burn up as much of their time as possible. After all, time is money, right?

    This rep said the one thing that is going to work in my favor is the fact that the previous reps took a lot of notes. He read some of them back to me and he said it seems as if you're well aware of the left side screen issue that hit some of these devices and you're well aware of the internal design, etc. He said these kind of things will help your case out versus being “ahhh blah blah I'm mad! My tablet broke fix it now ahhh!” like some people are doing. I thanked him for his time and thanked him for being so honest with me. Because of that particular experience, my opinion of ASUS's customer service almost turned around entirely. It's hard to be excited about a home run when you just struck out 3 times, though.

    A few hours later I was all but asleep when I heard my phone go off with an email. I checked it and it was ASUS. Sure enough, it was tracking info for my tablet. No charge was noted, no dispute had taken place. Just... my tablet on a truck coming back. I called ASUS to see what was done with my tablet, as for all I knew it could have just been the broken unit coming back. The rep quickly brought up the info and told me “Your screen was replaced and your tablet is now fully repaired. You should receive it in 3 days.” Wow. Another +1, ASUS.

    For what it's worth, it took ASUS 3 business days to cycle through to my tablet. I sent shipped it out Thursday, Friday of course it was en route, Sat/Sun being the weekend, and Monday being a holiday means that Tuesday (delivery day according to tracking info) was game day #1 for ASUS taking a look at it. I received the email late that Thursday with the tracking info, and by the following Wednesday I was supposed to receive it, but it required a signature and I was at work. I called FedEx and had it routed to a nearby facility and I went there on Thursday and picked it up in person.

    I immediately checked out the screen lift. Please understand, I'm splitting some very extreme hairs here. If I look at it from an angle and I study the gray line, I can visibly see a very faint rise. In comparison to the right side, it's really not much different. It's absolutely acceptable in my book. The only time I really noticed the faint rise was after I put on a screen protector, which of course brings the screen higher up to the level of the silver bezel. That said, there's no creaking, no squishy feeling, nothing. Feels solid to me. I ran a few intensive apps for a bit and felt the tablet heat up a little, but so far I haven't felt any adhesive unlatch. In fact, I've never personally seen a Nexus 7 with any sort of clicking or squishiness. If they've been raised or lifted, it's been a solid lift, no degree of movement whatsoever, even after a 4 hour GPS run in a cement building with the unit trying to continually get a lock.

    I do have to wonder something. If I was not as pushy as I was, or if I did not spout my awareness of the left side screen issue that hit some of these devices... if I would have gotten the same service. I wonder if I had not called in several times if my turn around time would have been longer. That being said, there's a lot of questions on the table, and there was a decent amount of verbal pushing I had to do over the phone which I'm sure helped make this situation end as seamlessly as it did. I urge all of you who have legitimate screen crack cases (if your tablet fell down the stairs or similar, this of course wouldn't be classified as legitimate) to make sure ASUS knows you're aware of the issue, and that you will not be paying for the repair. You can be stone cold firm without being belligerent or disrespectful. I don't think those of you who had unexplainable screen cracks should back down.

    TL : DR
    • Call 1 to ASUS: Uneventful, RMA set up.
    • Item shipped to ASUS repair facility.
    • Call 2 to ASUS: Uneventful, RMA status unchanged. Indicated my awareness of the screen lift issue as well as my frustration.
    • Call 3 to ASUS: Ripped the rep a new one due to intolerable demeanor and choice of comments. Indicated my awareness again of the screen lift issue as well as my frustration.
    • Call 4 to ASUS: Indicated my awareness again of the screen lift issue as well as my frustration. Rep was exceptional to talk to and understood my frustrations without sounding fake. Indicated the notes on my account were solid.
    • Hours later, email received. RMA processed, N7 repaired, shipped back.
    • Thursday, received unit. Very slight screen lift still apparent, but very very minimal. No squishiness, clicking, creaking, nothing. Seems solid. Very satisfied with unit.
    • Overall satisfaction: 8/10
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    09-17-2012 09:56 AM
  2. dillont3's Avatar
    Glad to hear it worked out for you. I've read so many posts of people who had their screen crack for no reason and ASUS would not repair it which is very unfortunate. I had a similar situation. Bought my Nexus 7 at Staples 1st week it came out. The day before my case came in the mail from Amazon (because of course no stores had any cases in stock) I noticed a crack on my screen. I had not dropped my phone or anything. The only thing I could think of was I carried my 7 upstairs with my cell phone on top of it, which should not cause the screen to crack. I also noticed a slight screen lift at the exact same spot where the crack started.

    I was kicking myself for not buying the $40 staples extended warranty and also really frustrated after reading so many other stories of people who had a cracked screen for no reason, but were only given the option by ASUS to pay $180 to fix it despite known screen issues.I thought for sure I was stuck with a $250 paperweight.

    The next day I realized my tablet was at the very end of staples 15 day return window so I decided to call staples. explained to the manager that my screen cracked for no apparent reason right at the spot where the screen was lifted. I told him that I was well aware of all the reported screen issues with the first batch of tablets and described known defects in detail. Told him I expected a replacement tablet because I did not mishandle the tablet and the crack was a result of manufacture defect. Finally he agreed to set aside one of the two 16gb tablets they had in stock and said I could come it.

    Went into staples later that day. Explained my phone conversation to the manager on duty (manager I talked to was no longer there). He said I was SOL because they couldn't exchange devices with broken screens and said I should have purchased extended warranty that covered drops. Couldn't believe that anyone would authorize that and said he had no knowledge of it. Finally got him to call the other manager who told him that he had authorized the exchange and had set a tablet aside for me. Finally got a new Nexus 7. Bought the warranty this time and always keep it in a case. Just goes to show that ASUS and retailers are aware of defects, but not willing to lose money over it, but if you are persistent and let them know you are knowledgeable about issues with Nexus 7 they will let you exchange them.

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    09-17-2012 10:34 AM
  3. pkcable's Avatar
    Glad it worked out for you guys!
    09-17-2012 11:02 AM
  4. JaSauders's Avatar
    @ dillont3, I'm glad it worked out for you. What bothers me most is the fact that these situations are seemingly being rectified but only in scenarios where the user seems well versed in the issue at hand. If a random non-tech guy who bought the N7 on a random chance at Wal-Mart knowing nothing about it called ASUS, it's very doubtful they'd pursue the proper resolution. That's why I cannot stress enough to you N7 users with cracked screens: If you have a legitimate case where you truthfully didn't mishandle it to cause these issues, do not take no for an answer. Keep calling them... thousands of times if you have to. If they're going to bluntly screw you over out of a 200-250 dollar item despite you babying it, then you have absolutely every right to return the favor and waste as much of their employee's time as possible.

    Truth be told, I found it ironic that even Googling for iPad cracked screens that this very issue cropped up on the Apple front as well, with many reporting no mishandling yet still having experienced a cracked screen. Just goes to show no manufacturer is perfect.

    At the end of the day, I'm just happy to have my Nexus 7 back. It's really a beautiful device. I do think I'm going to invest in a SquareTrade warranty since I'm within the 90 days, just for the extra peace of mind for down the road.
    09-17-2012 01:42 PM
  5. Nychotxxx's Avatar
    Do you really believe a big company like asus gave you VIP treatment because you made a few calls and claimed knowledge of screen problems? If so i have a bridge in brooklyn for which i can give you a good deal. I'll bet they are repairing most if not all cracked screens for free as a pr gesture. Its just that only the obsessive ocd types make their complaints known on forums like this. So it seems far more extreme of a problem than it is. And if asus didnt fix your n7 did you really plan to spend hours calling and harrassing the company for a $200/ $249 item? Btw what's "tiffle" mean?
    09-17-2012 02:23 PM
  6. Graham Smithwick's Avatar
    My experience has been entirely different and 100% positive on NEXUS 7 Service.

    Similar problem with Screen. Left device in its case on my dashboard while parked in covered garage. Came back 4 hours later. No explanation of how crack might have occurred. Crack begins on left side of screen fans out from edge like a windshield impact crack...but no evidence of impact to screen or either edge of case at origin point of crack.

    I tried this link http://support.google.com/nexus/?hl=en&topic=2781736 and spoke to "Timothy". They will email me back the serial number and reply re warranty info from both GOOGLE and ASUS. Repairs will be made by ASUS. Here is the link: ASUS Service | North America. There was no discussion of whether warranties will apply and I didn't ask. I would expect they would have to take a look at my cracked screen either way to make that call!
    12-04-2012 06:44 AM
  7. Eduardo06sp's Avatar
    From the day you mail it, to the day you get it in your hands, how long does it take? Also, will I get charged for having internal hardware problems? My charge is acting weird and it's been at a hundred percent for thirty minutes. Whenever it gets low battery, it starts to flicker and reboot multiple times.

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    12-04-2012 11:52 PM
  8. Christopher Todd's Avatar
    Here's hoping I have a similar experience. I just noticed mine is cracked from left side in 2 directions. No explanation as to how it happened, especially since it is in a keyboard case 85% of the time.
    12-14-2012 02:48 PM
  9. Sam Ponedal's Avatar
    I just had the exact same thing happen, and my tablet is scheduled to be delivered to the TX facility today.

    Before I sent it in I did a fair bit of Googling and found your post and several similar ones so I knew what I had to do

    -When I called in and started the RMA process I made it clear that I was aware of the screen lifting issue and had seen several reports of it being a problem.

    -Included in the packet with the problem description (of which I ended up writing almost a page), I included articles from CNET, Tom's Hardware, The Atlantic, Phandroid, and Gizmodo that all noted the screen lift issue and how it could lead to cracks from the screen being under pressure.

    -After the tablet had been sent I called ASUS and made them note under my claim that I had included several articles that all document the defect and that I expect them to be taken into consideration when my tablet is being examined.

    I'll keep y'all posted.
    01-07-2013 12:07 PM
  10. terrypearson's Avatar
    Do you really believe a big company like asus gave you VIP treatment because you made a few calls and claimed knowledge of screen problems? If so i have a bridge in brooklyn for which i can give you a good deal. I'll bet they are repairing most if not all cracked screens for free as a pr gesture. Its just that only the obsessive ocd types make their complaints known on forums like this. So it seems far more extreme of a problem than it is. And if asus didnt fix your n7 did you really plan to spend hours calling and harrassing the company for a $200/ $249 item? Btw what's "tiffle" mean?
    No, they are not repairing as a good gesture. Mostly, they just state their policy that it is always the user's fault when the screen cracks. I know this from personal experience. They do probably give VIP treatment to those that might end up being a pain so that they don't have to spend hours and hours of support costs and suffer bad PR from those willing to make a stink about it.

    I would encourage anyone with issues like this to raise the bar, pushing for a full repair by Asus. This is well documented as happening on not only the Nexus 7, but also on the Transformer line.
    01-16-2013 11:43 AM
  11. kaylamt's Avatar
    Ugh I am so frustrated because I have an Asus transformer tablet and I plug it into this keyboard and one morning I took it out to my car, and I opened it up to look for an adress and it was all cracked!! I didn't drop it or anything I didn't bump it - not a thing. The cracks originated from the ridge of where the tablet enters the keyboard which makes me think that it was a fault in the screen by pressure. But I'm frustrated cuz I called in and the guy who answered told me that it was customer abuse and wouldn't be covered by warrenty but that I could mail it into them and they'd check and make sure for me - but I'm 100% sure they're gonna look at it and just be like "Yeah so no it's all cracked it was abuse." Do you think I should mail it in anyways to see what they say? I don't want to spend like 40$ or more to send it to them if they aren't going to do anything.
    04-03-2013 06:16 PM
  12. Dimitri Stath's Avatar
    My screen cracked to, with no abuse. I didn't know about any screen issues but assured the rep that out cracked during normal use and I sent it in and they repaired it under warranty. Just thought I'd add my experience as well.
    07-09-2013 06:28 PM
  13. bbmerc's Avatar
    We just had the same problem, the screen cracked for no reason. I am going to call them as soon as we get the email that says they will not fix the tablet and then I am going to start calling lawyers. I will file a class action lawsuit if we can get enough people. It is a heat issue, we are sure. Our tablet was not dropped nor mishandled. It was in a case for the duration and was protected during all transport. If you have had the same experience, please email me. kendrabrake@gmail.com For those of you that got your tablet fixed, I would like to hear more as they are saying to us that no cracked screen is covered under the warranty.
    08-01-2013 02:14 PM
  14. CameliaRose's Avatar
    Our Nexus also cracked inside a case with no known cause but it was outdoors on a warm day so heat may have been a factor.

    I got an RMA number and sent it in. It was received by the service center on 8/6. I checked last week and the status said it was out of warranty due to customer abuse and awaiting customer confirmation. I have never been notified of the need for any "confirmation" but had read about several people getting their tablets repaired without any contact or acknowledgment by Asus so I didn't contact them yet. Today the status says the same thing but also says "repair in progress". I don't know if that means they are fixing it without my agreeing to pay for a repair or if it means the repair process is stalled by my not having responded to a nonexistent quote. They haven't contacted me with a quote for repair cost but they have had the tablet for almost a month now. One person on the internet said that he refused the quote and asked for the broken unit to be returned and received it repaired anyway. So I will try that if the process moves forward. I have no intention of paying for a repair but I wonder how long they will hold it hostage without contacting me.

    I am annoyed that they have kept it for a month without contacting me if I really needed to confirm something but I'm holding out hope that they may ultimately repair it since I have no intention of paying for the repair.
    09-04-2013 12:25 AM
  15. MuraliG's Avatar
    Even I have faced the same problem.
    10-01-2013 09:28 AM
  16. broncop3t3's Avatar
    This is exactly what has happened to me. They have my Nexus 7 now. We'll see when it is returned. They were very delayed in contacting me with a quote and it was over half of what I paid for the device.
    Cost of repairs (all amounts are USD) – enter amounts on credit card form PRIOR to printing the form:
    Parts - $116.00 (LCD)
    Labor - $50.00
    Tax**- $
    Shipping – please select one shipping method only on credit card form

    This was unacceptable. I told them to ship it back and I would seek other repair options locally. I guess I'll see what happens.
    10-03-2013 12:51 PM
  17. broncop3t3's Avatar
    Nope, mine came back cracked. They did not repair it. Poor service.
    10-09-2013 06:09 PM
  18. mr_nobody's Avatar
    Nope, mine came back cracked. They did not repair it. Poor service.
    You turned down their repair quote, why would you expect it to come back fixed?!?
    10-10-2013 11:56 AM
  19. CameliaRose's Avatar
    The update is not a happy ending. Over two months after Asus received my tablet, I contacted them and asked for a status update. They emailed back that they were returning the unit unrepaired due to non-payment. I stated that aside from the fact that this was NOT customer induced damage as they claimed, that they had never sent me any notification of how much they intended to charge. They claimed that they had sent me an email on September 4th. I replied that not only did I not receive such an email, that this date indicated they had held the unit for a full month after the date that their system marked it as received at their facility and that this is an unacceptable turn around time. I twice requested contact information for the director of the service department to discuss the one month delay before they supposedly sent the emailed quote. Those requested were pointedly ignored. Over the years I have purchased a half dozen Asus products. I will never purchase another and I will make sure that everyone I know who is purchasing a computer or tablet knows how extremely poor their customer service is. I am NOT a happy customer and every review site I can find will hear about it. They wasted my $250 over a repair that would have cost them less than $50. I will make sure that it costs them much more than that in profit from lost sales.
    10-30-2013 01:20 AM
  20. laura yox's Avatar
    Is there anyway you can share these sources/articles with me?? I am going through a similar problem
    08-11-2014 10:07 PM
  21. Alex McCulloch's Avatar
    I got my nexus 7 2012 I am using at a Pown america and it is 10000000000% OK
    09-04-2014 10:43 PM
  22. RAJ Jadhav's Avatar
    ASUS Repaired My Cracked Screen Under Warranty
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    11-25-2014 11:58 PM
  23. bmalhotra06's Avatar
    Hey, I also have the same issue right now. Can you please describe the crack which you had and how you got ??

    I ordered a Nexus 7 Tab (2013) 32GB Version from Flipkart.com and while using it for some days it was good no problems, but suddenly 3-4 days back I saw a crack on its screen automatically. First I thought it would be hair or something so I rubbed it but was crack only. It is a hair line crack on the left side of the screen. I didn't understand why it came as I didn't dropped my tablet, not even any pressure on my tablet, even its in brand new scratchless condition and still a crack came up automatically.

    How did they resolve their problem ?

    Please Help ASAP
    12-18-2014 03:18 AM
  24. Shaunj10's Avatar
    I dropped my tablet and the screen crack I sent it away to redstafford co uk and I got it back in about 3 days, all new and shiny... The worst thing is that they don't have a phone nr, so I was anxious for 3 days
    02-05-2015 06:02 AM
  25. Omar Naibkhil's Avatar
    hey my name is Omar and my screen craked for no reason. well to be honest this is what happened, i was at school when i took out my computer from my bag n when i opened my computer all i see is a crack across the screen. and i felt really bad because tbh, i did not drop my bag or smashed my bag or what ever. i just somehow want to replace my screen n i still have the warranty and all that, and i have called asus around 2 times n they told me to go to the service centre n then they told me it will cost around 100bucks n so on so i was wondring if u could fix my tablet computer for free. thank you..
    05-13-2015 08:14 AM
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