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    Hey everyone, new to the forums but not to the Android community in general. Here's my story. I purchased my Nexus 7 back in September and I loved it until one day I have it in my pocket as I usually do and I pull it out to see that the screen is cracked and is unresponsive. Considering that the tablet had seen some fierce drops in the past I was confused as to how it broke so easily and very disappointed. At the time of purchase I opted to not get warranty and dreaded that decision the minute my device broke. The very next week I went back to the same store (Office Depot) purchased another Nexus 7 and this time got the warranty. Though it sounds awful my intentions were to send my old unit in and hopefully be reimbursed under the warranty, considering the Nexus 7 has no serial numbers on the unit itself in my mind I thought the worst that could possibly happen would be them returning the device to me due to it not being the same one purchased with the warranty and me being stuck with one working Nexus and one broken one that I could perhaps sell on eBay (checked out the replacement prices and $170 is ridiculous for such a cheap device). Literally about a week later tragedy strikes again and now my second Nexus 7 screen cracks. Although I have the warranty now I was pretty upset about this happening to me for the second time in as many weeks. I will be sending in this unit to Office Depot services and they are willing to reimburse me. My questions is about the first broken unit, with the second one breaking my intial plan sort of went down the drain. At this point I'm considering purchasing a 3rd party warranty (considering its been less than 30 days since my last Nexus purchase) and sending in the first unit with the receipt of the second in the hopes of being reimbursed. I'm wondering if anyone has any idea whether or not this could work or what sort of vetting procedures these companies go through with devices before following up on a claim. I'm not a bad person or anything at this point I'm just a frustrated Nexus 7 user who has had unfortunate luck with not one but two devices and would like to explore a Nexus 10 tablet now instead. Would like to hear people's opinion and thoughts on my situation, any comment is appreciated, thanks in advance!
    11-02-2012 10:32 PM
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    Pretty sure this constitutes as fraud, and isn't allowed to be talked about on this forum either.

    (op posted exact post at android forums)

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    11-03-2012 12:04 AM
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    Sorry.... Threads Closed
    11-03-2012 01:01 AM

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