1. gandalftheking's Avatar
    Hi Guys.

    I've had the N7 for a couple of days and loving it so far.

    I'm using as much for productivity as fun, so wanted to get organized - so I created a folder for a few bits, but when i try to add another icon/app to the folder I end up chasing the folder around the screen, as the circle doesnt highlight to allow me to drop the new app in there. I have had some luck occasionally by moving app very slowly over folder, then it sometimes behaves, but there seems to be a bug with this? Any ideas guys?

    11-29-2012 01:50 AM
  2. bigtroutz's Avatar
    Nail gun !!
    Superglue !!!!

    LOL, yes, it IS squirrelly but you can pop the icon on there ..... eventually.
    11-29-2012 02:17 AM
  3. MJKearney's Avatar
    Yes, the stock launcher is very fidgety in this way. I used to pretend it was a cat and mouse game app I was playing! Also, the stock launcher has a limit of 30 or 36 apps per folder (I forget which, now), so once you get to that limit, it just won't let any more in.

    I'd suggest using an alternate launcher. I use Nova Launcher Prime and no longer play the chasing game. It also allows more app shortcuts in each folder than the stock launcher. You can get the free version, which offers this and other basic functionality, then upgrade if you want more features. Or try one of the many other launchers that are available, which might also alleviate this chasing-game headache.
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    11-29-2012 07:30 AM
  4. Keeb13r's Avatar
    Drag the icon over the folder quicker. If you are too deliberate, the icons will shuffle around.
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    11-29-2012 08:22 AM
  5. B. Diddy's Avatar
    This is actually covered in the Nexus 7 manual, available to everyone on their Play Books app. Check on pp 17-18:

    "To bump another icon out of the way, slide slowly into it.
    To combine two icons in a folder, slide one quickly over the other."
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    12-09-2012 11:51 PM

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