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    So I put a folder of files into an encrypted file with SSE app and deleted the original folder. Later now, I decrypted the file and got the folder back. It was the bluetooth folder. Now all those files are in bluetooth folder and I see them.

    Plug Nexus 7 into computer, see bluetooth folder but empty. So I unplug, replug, etc. I use Astro and move the files into the "SD card" main folder, the main folder of Internal Storage when plugged into PC. Still didn't see them.

    I seem to have this problem sometimes, but it usually fixes by plugging into PC again to "refresh". Stupid MTP!.

    I put my OTG cable and USB stick together, then plug into N7 like usual. I will copy the files to it instead.

    I select all, which selects all my folders. I deselect all the folders, only keeping my files. I do a move? or did I do copy paste? (dont remember) BUT only 20 files or so selected.
    I do the action now EVERYTHING is gone. Reboot, all gone. Nothing moved/copied to usb stick.

    Edit: just verified the USB debugging was/is off, MTP was/is on., since I recently made a backup for rooting. I really didn't have anything that I lost, just files I can download again from interwebs were lost.
    12-16-2012 11:19 PM

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