1. Jopo16's Avatar
    Hey guys, i just figured this out on my nexus 7 and i wanted to share it with the community

    First download the kindle app in the play store. Random, but yeah just do it. What the kindle app is great for is storing books and also viewing .pdf's. when a pdf is open ,it can search for words, etc.

    Next after you've registered with the kindle app, go to your downloads, where your .pdf files are shown.

    Select the .pdf files

    After selecting the files, a share button and a garbage can will appear on the top right corner

    Click the share button and send the .pdf to "Amazon send to kindle"

    After that is done, go to your kindle and at the top right, click the drop down menu and "sync and check for items"

    **NOTE: Depending on the size of the .pdf, it may take a few minutes **

    If its been too long and you still do not see the file, try going to library > All items.

    And voila! .pdf files stored, and easily accessible with features like searching for words and searching for pages
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    01-19-2013 02:40 PM
  2. xzb6np's Avatar
    Wow that is awesome.

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    01-19-2013 02:55 PM
  3. Jopo16's Avatar
    This also might work for android phones too, but my one x is broken so i cant test it out.
    01-19-2013 03:00 PM
  4. Michelle Hill1's Avatar
    It does also work on the phone app, but there is a limitation to files of 50MB or less. Not sure if that is true on the tablet as well, but my guess is yes.
    09-16-2013 03:49 PM

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